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I'm a Casting Producer.

‘im deliver the wants’. 

I cast the exact people you could probably never find on your own. 

That is our concept. 

I aim to succeed beyond your expectations to meet your needs. 

So that is what we call our casting produce as ‘Hakobu’ (deliver). 

運ぶ -Hakobu-, besides the meaning of delivering,

the kanji also has a meaning of ‘to come across’. 

I produce and create a chance for meetings and make the best solution on the casting. 

I offer not only the casting,

we offer a total coordination which includes a creative direction to lead a successful project. 

We deliver your ‘wants’ to anywhere in the world. 

I travel to make your wish come true.


Sony / teamLab / Mistletoe / US NAVY JAPAN

and more.


Styling Produce

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